Monday, 9 May 2011

Royal wedding celebration a real humdinger!

Although not covered by the local media we had a great Royal wedding celebration in Ilford on Friday 29th April 201l.  This was part funded by my company A.A. Security and part funded by the Prince of Wales Pub who also provided free use of their car park

David Christof of the Prince of wales Pub said;

"It was a great event attended by a wide variety of local people and that is what our pub is all about - bringing the community together."

I was particularly pleased that this celebration gave many people an opportunity to enjoy being British and to enjoy a public holiday together as a community.

The Asian music triggered some audacious dancing.

 Free food was served for one and all.
 The numbers just grew and grew..
 A table was laid out for visitors many of whom enjoyed board games.
 People of all types started dancing in the streets.
 the smell of barbecue was a great draw.
 Families came out together.
 The children were really up for dancing - probably due to the lollipop prize for the best dancer...
 Food and drinks and good company was the call of the day.
 All day people helped themselves to fun and food.
 80's music was a real treat!
 We were blessed with a visit from one of the Redbridge Carnival Princesses.
 She entertained all the guests and was a real ambassador for the borough.
 The Carnival princes got the children dancing.
 The crowds grew..
 I had a quick twirl with the princess.
Don't forget carnival returns to Valentines Park on the 10th and 11th September 2011!
 The Carnival court left and attended every Redbridge Street party.
 Meanwhile more visitors arrived.
It just kept getting busier - I cannot explain why the recorder did not mention one of only 2 Ilford celebrations - we sent pictures and a press release?

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