Saturday, 9 January 2010

Mayors Parade 2010

Beaming faces at the end of a great parade!
A picture before the start of the procession - Redbridge should be proud!

Rajeshri Chouhan (Carnival Chaperones), Kajul Pahl (Redbridge Carnival Queen) and Wilson of course! The three of us led the procession from the front our Queen has been a real Ambassador for Redbridge this year!

This years Mayors parade event was much better than last years. The organisation failed last year and only Redbridge Carnival ended up supporting the event, however I cajoled the Dover Carnival court into joining us on our float and we attained 8th position.
This year brimming with confidence we were supported by the following groups (in my recollection):
  • The Jam Dancers
  • The Jive Academy
  • Redbridge Carnival
  • 241 Squadron Air Cadets
  • Police Cadets
  • Redbridge Scouts
  • St John's Ambulance Cadets
  • Sikh Gataka Sword Fighters
  • Dholl Academy
  • A Jazz Band - sorry did not get their name.

Our borough produced the most eclectic provision of talent of any of the participating London Borough's and we attained a very commendable 7th position.

Personally, I thought we should have won it - but hey I make it no secret that I have a bias for the borough I love!

Here is what the Ilford Recorder said (click here)

Here is a link to the video of the event (click here)

There are more pictures on the Redbridge Carnival Blog (click here)

Our thanks to the incumbent Mayor Councillor Chan who made the event a very participative one and encouraged ownership of the event, through his interpersonal relationship with everyone involved!

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