Saturday, 14 March 2009

Chad Well (Myth or Legend?)

Here are some interesting facts about Chadwell Heath:


It is named from Chaudewell, meaning cold spring or stream and was first recorded in 1254. The area had an alternative name, recorded in 1440 as Blackhethe, meaning dark coloured heath. Legend also has it that Saint Chad used this spring or "well" for baptising converts during his missionary works - see the plaque and commemorative post in Billet Road, marking the reputed site of Saint Chad's Well on the Heath.


The heath itself was infamous because of highwayman their presence diminished by the installation of a turnpike near the site of the current Tollgate Pub. A former resident of Japan Road Eva Hart was a survivor of the Titanic disaster; the local Wetherspoons pub is named after her.

Can you tell us any more interesting facts?

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